Network Graph Tools
Degrees of Separation
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Click any node in the graph to select it. This will highlight the node and all of its connected nodes.
Drag the map by clicking and holding the mouse button while moving around the screen.
Use the Zoom In button or double-click anywhere on the graph to move closer into that section. Rolling the mouse wheel up will zoom in wherever the mouse is pointing.
Use the Zoom Out button pull out from the graph. Rolling the mouse wheel down will zoom out from wherever the mouse is pointing.
Click the Reset Zoom button to restore the original zoom level and show the entire graph.
Use the Toggle Labels and Toggle Edges buttons to turn graph labels and edges on and off.
Use the Toggle Edge Type button to alternate between straight and curved graph edges.
Use the Node Info button to enabled or disable the Node Info window that appears when you hover over a node.
The Degrees of Separation button lets you select a starting and ending node and finds the shortest path between them. A list of the Movies and Actors along the connecting path is also shown.
The Search box allows you to search for nodes by their label. If multiple nodes match the term searched (e.g., "crawling"), then the first matching node found is selected. The search will also zoom in closer to the node.
The Minimum Degree slider allows you to hide graph nodes which have fewer connections than the value set.